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The current structures of society, shaped by the legacies of colonialism, imperialism, the Industrial Revolution, and globalization, have caused many to understand care more as an individual responsibility than a collective joy. We think that the idea of care is a two-way street. For this reason through this page, you can donate to our project by either receiving a tote bag or a candle. Both objects are made by local businesses in Athens. 

The bag is from 100% organic cotton and manually silk-screened. The candle is locally sourced and hand-poured. The idea of these objects is that they are made carefully and especially as a thank you for our collaborators and supporters.

You can also support us by pre-ordering our publication (to be published in November 2021).

Tote bag

Cotton, screen printed in Athens


Soy wax candle

Lavender & vetiver, hand poured in Athens



Hard cover, printed in Athens