11 November, 2020
Online Event

In a multi-day workshop running from 10 11 2020 – 12 11 2020, Arts of the Working Class (Alina Kolar, María Inés Plaza Lazo, Pauł Sochacki) explored the arts sector as a working environment. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the pitfalls and risks of this particularly precarious field have become even more stark.

The dictates of the so-called art world have given rise to the most ludicrous, luxurious and ruthless working conditions.

The goal is to discuss and promote the founding and development of a ‘union des refusés’ and the desire for a trade union for art workers, traced back to earlier ideas about collectivity and a public dimension in the arts, in line with a Marxist conception of society. Arts of the Working Class draws on these experiences of community to set up a trade union for the provision of mutual help and support, developed in collaboration with international artists and thinkers, experts and amateurs. Art workers all over the world are invited to share their privileges and concerns within a not-for-profit organization for emotional, political and financial exchange, which aims to leave capitalist pressures and patterns behind. The concepts of ‘care’ and ‘accountability’ must be rethought. On day 2 politically necessary changes for solidarity in the art world and how they can be formulated, were discussed. Where do we begin in order to take care of others and ourselves? iLiana Fokianaki, was invited by AotWC to present the ideas around The Bureau of Care and to discuss them with students and fellow panelists.